Tuesday, 28 May 2013

My most used brushes: Superdrug


Following on from one of my recent blog posts about my favorite MUA brushes, I decided I should show you the brush that I have been using the longest, it is around 3 years old now, and I still use on a very regular basis and hasn't shred once!  

The brush, is a flat eye shadow brush, from Superdrug, One of main reasons I love this brush and use it so much, is because it is excellent with cream eye shadows, such as the Maybelline Colour tattoo's.  As it apply the product evenly, but cleans up amazingly. Plus it is only about £2.50! 

Have you tried any of the Superdrug brushes?

Maria x

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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Pitch Perfect=Perfection!


This is a slightly different post today, it's about a film I watched over the weekend, Pitch Perfect.
I'm not really into films to much, but this is one I wanted to see in the cinema, but never got the chance, but over the weekend I finally got round to watching it.....

I have got to say it is now one of my favourite films, I really like the fact it isn't overly drawn out, but still has time for some great song arrangements, and some great one liners. I highly recommend this film and have been singing the songs from the film ever since!

What is your favourite film?

Maria x

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Monday, 29 April 2013

Fragrance Direct Haul


Today I am going to be showing a few items I recently picked up from Fragrance Direct .  First I picked up a couple of Sally Hansen Products, first two on the Complete Salon Manicure polishes in 320, Raisin the Bar, which a a coppery bronze colour, and the purple shade is in Cherry, Cherry, Bang, Bang!.  I really like these Sally Hansen polishes as they go on super smooth and you can pick them up from Fragrance Direct for £1.50, which is a bargain as most other places they are £5!  I then picked up the Sally Hansen Double Duty Base an Top cost, which upon first use doesn't seem to dry very quickly,  The final Sally Hansen Product I picked up was a Blush in Ethereal Sublime, which is a bright pink shade with lots of glitter.

I then picked up a Dainty Doll blush, 004, which is a coral colour with a touch a shimmer, but looks lovely on the cheeks, and I also Picked up a pair of lashes, by Royal and these are the Short and Chic type.

Have you made any online purchases recently?

Maria x

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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

My most used brushes: MUA


Today I am going to be telling you about my current most used brushes by MUA.  I ordered these brushes in January (you can see my haul here) and have used all of them alot, and have found them not to shred and have washed really well!

The first brush is the only have brush that I have by MUA, and it is the F2, which is a stippling brush.
This brush I don't use for foundation like I normally would with a stippling brush as I find that the bristles are quite long, and it isn't very dense.  Therefore I use it for applying my powder highlighter, which I find adds a nice touch of highlighter without it being to dramatic! Also its only £3!

The rest of the brushes I have are eye brushes, the first is the E1, which is your typical flat shader brush which packs on the colour nice and evenly.  This brush also spot cleans and washes really well.  It is only £1.95!

The second eye brush I have is the E2, which is an angled eye contour brush, I use this brush to apply darker colours to the outer corner, as it quite precise and allows you to blend also!  This is also £1.95

The third brush is a fluffy blender brush which is the E3, which allows you to blend out all your colours, without taking all of the colours away! Also it is just £1.95

Finally I have an spoolie, which is the E5, which is ideal for brush through your eye brows before filling them in, and it is just £1.50!

Have you tried any of the MUA brushes?

Maria x

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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Current Nivea Favourites


Today I am going to talk about some of my favourite products from the brand Nivea.  Nivea is a classic brand, that I trust which I think is very important when you are trusting them with your skin care!

One of the most recent launches from Nivea is their Express Hydration Primer, which has an RRP of £4.99.
This is a light weight primer that really does hydrate your skin, and helps your make-up stay and apply a lot better! I am still on my first jar, which I have had over 6 months so a little does go a long way! For a full review click here.

Next is one of my recent purchases, that I already love, the Vanilla & Macadamia lip butter.  This product smells amazing, and really does moisturise your lips, and they stay that way for hours, I highly recommend this products, especially at just £2.55!

The third product is the Express Hydration hand cream,  i'm generally quite fussy about hand cream because I hate having to wait around for it to dry, therefore because this one absorbs so quickly it is perfect for me, an it is at great price at around £3.30

Finally for my facial moisturiser is is Nivea Soft cream, which is a gentle cream, that is great for normal to dry skin, as it mositurises without being to heavy, and works well under make-up as well! Costs from just £2.45 for the tube version which is a bargain! 

Overall at the minuet I am a big fan of Nivea, is there any Nivea products that you love? 

Maria x

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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Boots Haul, April 2013


Today I have a boots haul, I went in specifically to try the Vichy DermaBlend foundation, which is a high coverage foundation, which is said to be good at covering up spots, so I'm hoping that it will work for me!
I got the lightest colour, which is 15 Opal, which upon first looks seams like an ok colour for me.
I was then looking at the skin care, and found the Anti-Blemish range from Sk:n, it's a brand I've heard about but never tried before, so I though I would give it a go considering that it is on offer at the moment. 

I picked up the Maintenance Serum, which you basically use in the morning on your blemish prone areas, to help to improve, or prevent  spots.  Finally I picked up the Nivea lip butter in Vanilla & Macadamia. 

I have already tried the lip butter, and it smells lovely!

So that's all I picked up in Boots today, but I could have easily spent a lot moor, if I hadn't been careful! 

What have you picked up recently, would you like me to review any of these products?

Maria x

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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Scarlett Hearts Jewellery Haul


So today I have a small jewellery haul from the online shop, Scarlett Hearts.  I have purchased some items from them before, so when I saw on their Facebook page that they are having free international delivery until the 24th March, I decided to purchase a couple of items I have been looking at for a while.

First I picked up a couple of necklaces that were in the sale £1.80 each, which are a gold locket with a blue, and pink flower, I think these will look great in the summer with a sun dress!
I also picked up an infinity bracelet which was just £3.00 which I love as it is such a versatile piece!

Overall I love the jewellery I got, as well they where packaged lovely in little pink bags, and then tissue paper, and a note with your name on.
I think its also great you can pay via paypal, which is quick and secure!, they arrived super quick- just 2 days after I ordered them!

Is there anything on their site which you have your eye on?

Maria x

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Monday, 18 March 2013

Review: Asda Lip balm


Today I am going to be reviewing the Asda coloured lip balm in 2 dolly bird (only 2 shades available) , which is currently on offer in Asda for £2.
After the success of the Revlon Lip Butters, tinted lip balms seem to be everywhere!

So I thought I would give this one a try.....

First of all the packaging, not the most glamorous, but for the price it is fine,

So then I took off the lip, and wasn't expecting a ultra shimmery/glittery product!

To be fair it does have a smooth texture, however I doubt I will be leaving the house wearing this any time soon! 

Overall if shimmer/glitter is your thing have a try its only two pounds, if not stay well away!

Have you tried any other Asda Lip products?

Maria x

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Google reader.....


So as you may have heard, in July Google reader will no longer be available, therefore a lot of blogs as making the switch to Bloglovin, which is basically very similar to the Google reader  (the view when you open blogger that list's all of the new blog post from the blog's you follow)

So I have popped my Bloglovin button on the right at the top of the page, just click that- which will take you to my bloglovin page- click follow, and it will follow my blog the same as it does on Google reader!

any questions just leave them below and I will try my best to answer!

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Maria x

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Mini blog sale haul!


A few days ago I ordered a few items from Jessica, Lovely Jubbly's blog sale-she still has some items left so go and have a look, they arrived super quick(ordered Thursday, arrived Saturday!)

And this is what I got....
First I picked up the Bumble and Bumble prep spray, then an Essie nail polish in Lovie Dovie and finally a China Glaze polish in Pelican Gray.

I can't wait to try all of these products. Make sure you go and check out Jessica's blog!

Maria x

Friday, 15 March 2013

Nail of the day: Maybelline


 Today I used the Maybelline Express Finish polish in 865 Turquoise Green.
This is a nice metallic teal shade that goes on smoothly and dries quickly- but doesn't have the best lasting power- around 2 days without chips!
Have you tried any of the Maybelline polishes?

Maria x

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Nail of the day:Nails inc, Technic


last week on my nails I used nails inc Porchester Square which is a nude, cream formulation polish, which was 2 coats. Then over the top I used the Technic multi-coloured glitter in carnival, which was about 2 coats, with some nails needed some extra coats just to make it slightly more even.
This combo lasted really well on my nails- it went about 3 days without any chipping, and even when it did chip it wasn't very obvious! 

What is your favourite glitter combination? 

Maria x

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Nail of the day: Barry M Gelly Hi Shine- Greenberry & Prickly Pear


So today I have a double nail of the day, in the form of the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine polishes which cost £3.99 from Boots and Superdrug
First is Prickly Pear- which is a lilac colour (which lasted very well on my nails as it lasted 3 days without any chips)
The next is Greenberry- which is your lovely bold mint green- I really like this colour as it isn't too washed out.

The one down side.....
These polishes are sold as Gelly High shine nail paints- and to be honest I don't see any extra shine than what you see on the normal Barry M polishes- Overall Pick these colours up, for the colour and not for the finish as it isn't high shine!

Have you tried any of the Barry M polishes what did you think?

Maria x

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Liebstar Award


Today is a little something different, I was nominated by Hayley from Mad Hatters Nail Party, for a Liebstar award, which is basically an award that you give to your 5 favourite bloggers who have under 200 followers.

They then link back to this blog :)

The first part is to list 11 facts about your self....

-I love to ready, usually a chick lit
-I love buying handbags- Nica is one of my favourite brands
-I am studying Business Studies
-I would love to go to the states- especially New York
-I really enjoy reading
-I love the script (going to see them live next month can't wait!)
-Also love the band FUN. Some nights is such a good album
-I love shopping
-I can't go out anywhere without wearing a watch
-I'm quite a messy person
-I have super thick hair

The second part is to answer the 11 questions from the person that nominated you....

1) What is your signature scent? 
Don't really have one - maybe Sarah Jessica Parker NYC because It't the one i'v worn for the longest,

2) Where would you go on your dream holiday and who with?

New York - anyone hahah - friends or family. 

3)Whats your best childhood memory

Probably my family holidays in Ireland 

4) Whats your favorite thing about blogging ?

That it's my own 'thing' and no-one else has any control over it!

5) What TV series would you watch over and over again?

Friends- Was so sad when it finished

6) Whats the craziest thing you have ever done ?

That would be telling hahaha- I'm not very crazy haha

7) What celebrities fashion do you admire the most?

Don't really have a specific celebrity- does Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter count? as I love her style

8) If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?P

Probably New York or London- as I love the fast pace.  

9) Whats your top 5 nail polishes ?

1-Essie-Dive bar
2-Essie-Kisses and Bisses
3-Nails Inc-Porchester Square
4-Look Beauty- Bling Shade 4
5-Essie-Sugar daddy 

10) Do you have any pets? if so what ones.. if not what would you like as a pet?

Nope, none not a fan of animals. 

11) Favorite piece of clothing you own ?

My fit and flare Dorothy Perkins dress. 

The third part is to create 11 questions for the bloggers you are nominating....

1.What is your dream job?
2.Do all your family and friends know about your blog?
3.Do you have a favourite Youtuber? 
4.Whats your most used item of Make-up?
5.Is there a piece of technology you couldn't live without?
6.What is your most worn piece of clothing?
7.Is there a make-up technique that you just can't get to grips with (e.g. putting on false eye lashes)
8.Where is the best place you have visited?
9.Are you tidy or messy?
10.Where would you like to see your blog in one years time?
11.What do you think you will be doing/where will you be in 5 years time?

The final part is to nominate 5 blogs.... 

The Lardy Grub
Rock and Glitter
LalaLucy (slightly over 200)

Maria x

Friday, 22 February 2013

Haul: MUA & B.


So today I had a little look in Superdrug- and of course couldn't come away empty handed!

First I picked up the new MUA Undress your skin foundation in Porcelain. I also picked up the MUA shimmer highlighter.

I also picked up a couple of items from the new Superdrug range B., Which was created with the help of one of my favourite bloggers, British Beauty Blogger, http://www.britishbeautyblogger.com/
First I picked up the B. Flawless Complete cover foundation in 010 Linen. I also picked up the B.Pure Micellar water.

Due to spending over £10 I got a free B. gift set
which includes, the B. Radiant rejuvenating serum, B. Vitalised eye cream, B. B cream, as well as a lipstick in 186 Rose Quartz, and a cream eye shadow. 

I will be reviewing some of these products in the coming weeks- if there is anything that you would specifically like to see reviewed just comment below!

Maria x

Sunday, 17 February 2013

MUA Haul


about 4 weeks ago MUA reached 50,000 fans on Facebook, and therefore did a 50% off everything on their site.

So being the big MUA fan I am I thought I would take advantage of the offer- even though it was rediculasly hard to place your order on the day as the website kept crashing. Also it took over 3 weeks to arrive due to the Paypal issues that they were having.

Any way this is what I got.

As you can see I picked up some of the brushes - which I am loving so far.

If there is anything specific you would like reviewed just let me know!

Maria x

Sunday, 3 February 2013

25 Facts about me!


Seen as though every other Blogger seems to be doing it- I though I would do a 25 Facts about me post!

1)I've never dyed my hair
2)I would love to start my own business one day
3)I've only ever told 3 people about my blog (and I've nearly had it two years!)
4)I love watching Youtube Videos
5)I would love to go to New York someday
6)I love to read
7)I have a Irish Passport
8)I have two nephew's
9)I've seen hardly any Disney films
10)I am on the same university course as two of my best friends
11)I can be very sarcastic
12)In December I started a five year diary
13)I only started wearing make-up about 3 years ago
14)My favourite colours are teal and mint
15)My favourite word is Boulevard
16)I love listening to music
17)I am really bad at spelling
18)I reflect on things too much sometimes
19)My birthday is the day after Valentines day
20)I always wear a watch
21)I feel awkward a lot
22)I love the smell of petrol
23)I have hay fever
24)One of my favourite holidays was to Spain in 2012 with my friends
25)I love the TV The Chase

I hope you feel you know me a little bit better- if you do this make sure to leave a link to your Blog as I would love to read it!

Maria x

Monday, 28 January 2013

Review & Nail of the day: Orly Mani Mini Trio


Today I am going to be reviewing the Orly Mani Mini Nail trio.
I picked up this set from TK Maxx today for just £4, which is available in larger Boots stores for £13!

In this set there is a grey, mint green and baby pink colour, so far I have used the grey and really like it, as it went on smooth and was opaque in 2 coats!

Having not tried Orly before I really like this set as it gives you a good idea about the nail polishes.
Overall I would have to say I really like this set, and would suggest to have a look in your local TK Maxx.

Have you tried any Orly colours?

Maria x

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Review:NIVEA Express Hydration Primer


Today I am going to be reviewing the Nivea Express Hydration Primer, which launched towards the end of 2012, and I picked it up around October time, and Love it and have used it everyday!

I really like the packaging which is a glass jar (not ideal for traveling), and doesn't have any SPF in which means it is good for photographs- however it is important to have SPF somewhere else in your routine!
As well this works well over moisturizer as some primers don't!

The consistency is similar to a lotion and adsorbs into the skin very quickly and I think that it really does help you make-up last longer and go on a lot easier!Also you need very little and I think that this jar will last me about 4 months in total.

This Primer is available from Boots, Superdrug and supermarkets and costs £4.99- which I think it is a bargain.

Have you tried this primer?

Maria x

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Nail of the day: Nails Inc Porchester Square


If I had to say my favorite Nail Polish brand of 2012 I would have to say nails inc.  Despite them being quite expensive at £11 a bottle I find they are one brand that regularly do good deals, for example offering them free with magazines, or discounted in boots or online.  So during the sales I decided to treat myself to a set from Asos. Nails Inc set (Link)

One of the main reasons I bought the set was for the Nude that comes in it- as my Nails inc nude that was a few years old had gone gloppy, and Porchester Square seemed perfect.

There is also a lovely bright green, baby pink, purple, hot pink and a glitter in the set so if you would like to see a nail of the day with any of them just let me know!

Maria x

Friday, 4 January 2013

New year new start?


As you may have noticed the latter part of 2012 I fell of the Blogging bandwagon, I think one of the major reasons was due to starting University, which I am loving but had to get use to it - and all the work  that is involved.  So I am going to be starting to blog regularly again, so if you have any ideas or suggestions of post you would like to read- just let me know...

Maria x