Saturday, 5 January 2013

Nail of the day: Nails Inc Porchester Square


If I had to say my favorite Nail Polish brand of 2012 I would have to say nails inc.  Despite them being quite expensive at £11 a bottle I find they are one brand that regularly do good deals, for example offering them free with magazines, or discounted in boots or online.  So during the sales I decided to treat myself to a set from Asos. Nails Inc set (Link)

One of the main reasons I bought the set was for the Nude that comes in it- as my Nails inc nude that was a few years old had gone gloppy, and Porchester Square seemed perfect.

There is also a lovely bright green, baby pink, purple, hot pink and a glitter in the set so if you would like to see a nail of the day with any of them just let me know!

Maria x

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