Thursday, 18 April 2013

Current Nivea Favourites


Today I am going to talk about some of my favourite products from the brand Nivea.  Nivea is a classic brand, that I trust which I think is very important when you are trusting them with your skin care!

One of the most recent launches from Nivea is their Express Hydration Primer, which has an RRP of £4.99.
This is a light weight primer that really does hydrate your skin, and helps your make-up stay and apply a lot better! I am still on my first jar, which I have had over 6 months so a little does go a long way! For a full review click here.

Next is one of my recent purchases, that I already love, the Vanilla & Macadamia lip butter.  This product smells amazing, and really does moisturise your lips, and they stay that way for hours, I highly recommend this products, especially at just £2.55!

The third product is the Express Hydration hand cream,  i'm generally quite fussy about hand cream because I hate having to wait around for it to dry, therefore because this one absorbs so quickly it is perfect for me, an it is at great price at around £3.30

Finally for my facial moisturiser is is Nivea Soft cream, which is a gentle cream, that is great for normal to dry skin, as it mositurises without being to heavy, and works well under make-up as well! Costs from just £2.45 for the tube version which is a bargain! 

Overall at the minuet I am a big fan of Nivea, is there any Nivea products that you love? 

Maria x

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