Monday, 24 September 2012

Maria's make-up remover series-6- Boots Simply Sensitive Face Wipes


This is the next part of my make-up remover series, which I started last year.  Today I am going to be reviewing the Simply Sensitive Face Wipes which is a Boots Brand, and cost £2.79 but are currently half price at £1.39 which is what I paid for them.

I really like these wipes, as what the name suggest they are sensitive, and are great for taking make-up off the eye area, especially water-proof mascara, which I wear everyday and they leave your face feeling fresh and clean.

I also think that they are very similar the the Simple make-up wipes which are £3, so even when the Boots or Simple one's are not on offer they are still cheaper!  However I would say that they Simple wipes are a little thicker but I don't think that this makes a big difference!

Overall I highly recommend these wipes and will defiantly be picking up a few more packs while they are on offer!

What are your favourite make-up wipes? or do you just buy the ones that are on offer?

Maria x

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