Monday, 10 September 2012

Drug store/High street Make-Up Haul!


I'm back, after having a break from blogging over the summer, I'm back with a haul- the first on my blog!

Today I went into Boots, to the Number 7 counter, and was matched to a foundation using their new foundation matching machine.  First the assistant removed my make up, and applied a moisturiser and asked what are the main problems with my skin an went on to match my colour and chose the stay perfect foundation as the best foundation for me, and I am in the lightest shade Calico.
 I'm really happy with the colour and it has a nice staying power and coverage also!

Then I went into Superdrug, as there was an offer on the MUA make-up, when you spend £4 you get a free Immaculate Pallet which retails at £4!

So I bought the MUA Eye Dust in shade 1 which is a silvery glitter pigment.

Lip Liner in Softly Lined

and I also bought the Love Hearts Lip balm in Sweet Kiss. 

I will be sure the review these products in the next few weeks and let you know what I think!

Leave a comment below any requests you have!

Maria x

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